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Intro- I suppose ;)

image                            Photograph by: GSCO

“I wish I could just go park my tail feathers in the water and float.”
If only life would work that way for us “grown” humans. My children set the example of a care free life I should be living. Making a fuss when things just don’t feel right…
Pointing my finger at the people who dare stare at me while I throw my tantrum (how dare they ?!?) o.0
Anything can be fixed with a hug or a lollipop or in my case Ice cream..((OKAY-OKAY)) I’ll admit it..even in the “Adult” World ..anything and everything can still be fixed with a pint of frozen cheesecake ice cream or shoot give me the Damn cheesecake alone…that’ll do just fine!!!!  I’m a mother with 3 children. One preteen and two toddlers the oldest pre menstrual monster and..(( I’m the moMster)) and the youngest toddler who is just turning 3 years old are both hyper/ over active or Reactive etc. The middle one comes across as the other two but only for that middle child syndrome thing he must conquer…yet hears everything said and NOT said to him…and will repeat it back to you word for word 3weeks later. And I have Anxiety/social anxiety stemming from PTSD. If that seemed like an eye-full…try walking 5 minutes in my shoes… If you can find a match….the boys think they are telephones….. Completely worse than Dogs(with the shoes)!!! Ooh..did I forget to mention I’m a single mother. With No family support and my close friends just moved out of town…actually more like out of state… But I’ll save that for a rant.  Another thing..ACTUALLY the MOST important thing… Is that I am a God fearing Follower of Jesus Christ Gods only Living begotten sacrificed And resurrected son Jesus Christ is Come in the flesh : is of God. And. Is still ( &always will be) alive today.  Well that’s all for now. Have a good night.



One woman with the Strongest Being "GOD" Going before me in EVERY Journey to bring freedom, Justice & TRUTH to all. Our Lord & Saviour Who Alive and Is come in the flesh .. Christ Jesus!!!

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